Somewhere I know there is a place for me,
Where I can share love and someone will see,
Someone will look beneath my skin,
See my soul and take me in.

--Author unknown

Our goal is to place cats in "forever" homes with compatible individuals and families. Call for an appointment to see these cats and others that we have available for adoption.

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peggysue07 adopAchilles adopDwightforweb

Peggy Sue, 2 years, is a lovely tortie. She is sure to bond quickly with her new owner and will want lots of cuddles. Peggy Sue is a quiet lady who would do well with a working person.

Achilles, 2 years, is a long, slender boy with enormous paws. He is sweet and gentle and will surely want a place on your bed. He would prefer not to share his home with dogs.

Dwight, 1 year, is a handsome boy with medium length fur and a big bushy tail. He is young and energetic. He wants attention and will need someone who will give him lots of play time. Dwight is a very nice gentle guy.


Roselina, 1 year, is a gorgeous tortie with a quiet personality. She is sweet and wants attention. Roselina will be the princess of her domain.

Monterey, 5 months, is a sweet little girl with a loving personality. She wants to play non-stop, but when she's tired she'll be a lap cat. She is a wonderful kitten and will be a great addition to any family,

Ms. Whiskers, 5 years, is a pretty girl with double paws both front and back. She is a quiet cat who will do well with a working person. She is sure to make someone very happy.

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